Mindful Connections

h1Mindful Connections is an education and wellbeing practice that guides and inspires parents and professionals who work with children. We also specialise in mindfulness based stress reduction strategies for adults - bringing calm and wellbeing into daily life.

We offer simple, easy-to-use approaches to restore calmness, stillness and resilience into the lives of overstimulated, restless and anxious children. Our peaceful, holistic relaxation strategies enhance concentration and focus, learning, wellbeing and socialisation opportunities for children of all ages.

We offer:

  • Individual sessions for parents, children, educators and other professionals working with children (See Contacts Page to make an appointment)
  • Workshops and Presentations for parents and for professional development events
  • Weekly relaxation classes involving breathing, gentle exercise and meditation and mindfulness – for children and adults
  • Consultation to centres, schools and other organisations about stress management, bringing stillness and calm into daily life

h2What are the benefits of relaxation for children?
Thomas (2002; 2006)

  • relaxes the body
  • quietens the mind
  • allows the child to ‘be’
  • provides rest and rejuvenation
  • develops coping skills
  • enhances self-awareness and connection with self and others
  • provides positive time-out and solitude from over- stimulation
  • relieves muscle tension and anxiety
  • refreshes and replenishes tired and over-wrought children
  • fosters creativity and imagination