About Us

about1Patrice Thomas is the director and key practitioner of Mindful Connections.
Patrice is an educator, wellbeing consultant, popular presenter and author of books about stress management for children and the people who care for them.

Patrice has been a teacher, special educator and university lecturer for over 30 years. She is one of Australia’s specialists in bringing calm and stillness strategies, relaxation and wellbeing techniques and key life and learning competencies to children as well as stress management, mindfulness and wellbeing education to parents, educators and other professionals who work with children.

Patrice is a skilled practitioner in her work with individuals; in small groups and presenting to large audiences.
She has taught Tai Chi – Qi Gong and gentle exercise to adults and children for over 20 years and is a relaxation and meditation teacher bringing mindfulness based approaches to wellbeing and happiness in life. She has also worked with cancer patients and has introduced the benefits of breathing, gentle exercise, relaxation and meditation into their lives. Patrice has also produced meditation and relaxation CDs for children and adults.



“Patrice has been a pioneer in promoting the importance of relaxation as a key life competence for children. She enables educators and parents to provide children with the skills to use relaxation as a means of enhancing their physical development, health and wellbeing. Patrice’s work is a valuable tool for those seeking to address children’s emotional needs and their skills for coping. Relaxation training is a key element in the development of resilient, competent children who will be well equipped to face and overcome challenges of an increasingly stressful world. Her work is an excellent addition to the literature.”
Professor Alan Hayes, Director – Institute of Family Studies, Australia.

“Patrice’s premise is that we teach children to manage stress from an early age rather than dealing with explosive frustrations – it is brilliant. Her book should be on every teacher’s desk and in every teacher’s preparation program’s plans”
Carol Garhart-Mooney, author Theories of Childhood – USA.

“Patrice has done a fabulous job in creating an easy-to-use but in-depth guide for teachers and parents. Her book is an invaluable resource that is much needed in this busy and distracting culture.”
Tim Jordan, Behavioural Paediatrician, International speaker – USA.