The People

Dr Lotte Verhoef

General Practioner, meditation teacher and founder of Connections, a mindful living experience

Known to my patients as ‘Dr Lotte’, I am a doctor with over 20 years experience. Born and bred in the Netherlands, this is where I studied medicine. A gap year backpacking Down Under changed my life when I met my (Australian) husband.  After some years back and forth between our two countries, we eventually settled in South East Queensland in 2006. We have called Dalby home for the past 7 years.
I now work at Myall Medical Practice in Dalby ( and enjoy the privilege of being part of a practice that received the 2022 Queensland RACGP Practice of the Year Award.

Early on in my career I realised that there is more to health and wellbeing than the absence of disease. When there is balance within and connection to body, mind and soul, your sense of wellbeing improves. When your sense of wellbeing is strong, you feel steady within yourself to deal with whatever comes your way; from daily stressors to medical diagnoses.
As a working professional and mother of 2 teenagers, I am no stranger to the stressors of life and I went looking for a way to be able to help others as much as myself to improve general wellbeing and reduce suffering.  This led me to the study of mind-body medicine and with that meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques.  It is fascinating how the mind affects the body and vice versa. I have been very fortunate to find a meditation teacher who could provide scientific evidence based meditation and yoga practices and completed my meditation teacher training through

Meditation, mindfulness and breathwork is now scientifically supported and has become an integral part of many of my treatment plans. It is simple, free and you can do it anywhere – you just need to know how!
At Connections Retreat, I will teach you about breathing, mindfulness and meditation in a way that is easy to understand and show you how to integrate these practices on a daily basis to assist with health and overall wellbeing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Michelle Garside

Owner operator of Joyful Arts and Minds

Joyful Arts and Minds came into being in 2021 with the goal of ‘enriching the lives of many through artistic expression’. Michelle Garside, is a qualified teacher with many years of experience in teaching Music, Visual Arts and Drama. Over the past few years, she has undertaken studies in Creative Arts and Well-being, enabling her to begin taking clients for art therapy. She also runs school holiday art and craft workshops and facilitates art mindfulness retreats.
Otherwise, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children, creating beautiful artworks, singing and spending time on her farm. She is a vocal advocate for living a life to the fullest where the little things count the most!

Examples of mindful art activities which Michelle has been hosting are are step-by-step painting, air-dried clay sculpting or bowls and masks, weaving, music/art response and free-drawing.

For the Connections retreat, participants will be undertaking yarn weaving one day and creative mindful painting on canvas the other. These are lovely, relaxing activities suitable for all people ranging from those with little or no experience to those with experience in these art forms. Participants are invited to bring a special/meaningful ribbon or piece of material to incorporate into their weaving (though this is optional).
All other materials are provided.

For more about Michelle and her amazing work visit

Tracey Callaghan

Owner of TLC Fitness & Nutrition, Dalby

Voted Dalby’s best PT in 2022, Tracey loves empowering women and providing a safe, supportive and inclusive community for women who don’t like the gym. It’s her specialty!

Tracey is a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Pre & Post-Natal Coach and has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.

She has seen many fads come and go and she’s happy to report that these days women are now realising the importance of feeling good, making time for themselves and wanting to live a strong and healthy life, rather than focusing on the scales!

In August 2022, TLC Fitness Nutrition moved into their own facility and members love the privacy,air-conditioning and the fact that it’s the only ‘women’s only’ facility in Dalby. Tracey has created an incredible community vibe where women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcomed, valued and supported regardless of their age and ability. The youngest member is 19, oldest member 74.

Tracey regularly attends professional development training and fitness business conferences to not only enhance her knowledge but also ensure her members continue to receive top quality service.

Tracey’s future plans include further study in myo-fascial movement which will help her clients move more freely and with less pain.

Tracey lives in Dalby with her husband and their two fur kids. Prior to following her passion and materialising her dream, she spent most of her working life as a Legal Secretary. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, puppy cuddles, reading, dancing, meditation/breath work and going to the gym.

Tracey has a special for Connections retreat participants; she offers a free 7 day pass for unlimited classes to those who are interested. Her classes are in person as well as online, so everyone can benefit from this generous offer!

For more information, contact Tracey directly on 0412 750 394 or visit ‘TLC Fitness & Nutrition’ on Facebook.

Steven Conn

Registered nurse and didge player

The unique vibrations and tones of the didgeridoo enable the listeners to easily enter the deep meditative brainwaves states.

After experiencing this himself by practising the didge, Steve became further interested in the science and cultural significance of this ancient instrument.

In a therapeutic setting, it is about the deep hum and vibrations the didgeridoo produces,which will resonate with every body, and not so much about rhythm or melody.

It really is something to experience first hand and Steve is excited to introduce this to you.